Many people can only dream of living a glamorous life alongside the latest celebrities and movie stars. We might try to go to certain venues where the rich and famous go to, but all too often they will go to exclusive clubs where entry is limited and/or expensive, or they can be surrounded by an entourage of minders.

To truly rub shoulders with the stars, you will often have to be a star yourself meaning that most of us will have to settle for looking on from a distance.

Stars and celebrities do have some friends outside of the industry though, so they are not always quite as unapproachable as they might first seem. If you just happen to be in the right place at the right time then you could end up striking up a conversation with a celeb, and it may even develop into an acquaintance or friendship.

For one London escort, PalaceVIP this is exactly what happened when they were out one night and now they are seen out socialising with the stars on a regular basis.

A Quiet Night Out.

28 year old Monica, a London escort for 8 years, explained how she and a couple of escort friends went out one night and inadvertently striking up a friendship with one of the world’s biggest stars. “It was a Wednesday and we only went out for a quiet drink at our local”, she said. “We’d just moved into the area and though we’d try a nice looking pub down the road”. “It was a very nice pub indeed, a great place to relax and unwind in good company”.

“I went up to the bar to get some drinks and at first I just didn’t realise who I was stood next to”. “I was a little star struck at first when I finally realised who it was, but we got talking and she was every so friendly”, she added. “It turns out that it was her local as well and we met a few more times in the pub by chance and got to know each other quite well”.

A Night Out With the Stars

Once they began to form a friendship, it wasn’t long before the star invited Monica for a night on the town. “I couldn’t believe it”, said Monica. “There was myself and a couple of my escort friends living it up in the trendiest bars in the West End”. She said. “There were stars and celebs everywhere and just being among them meant that we were treated like royalty”. “There were lots of photos being taken of us, I suppose they didn’t realise that were not celebs ourselves”.

Monica will be contributing to Rachel Picture This with some of the latest gossip from her position as somebody that is close to some of London’s best known celebs. In her job as a London escort, Monica is often also asked for advice on relationship matters and will no doubt be a very contributor to our relationship section also.

With her valuable insights in the world of celebrities and experience of the lives of London escorts, we are delighted to welcome Monica on-board.